Architects - Designers

A completed project can almost never be toured or fully viewed by potential clients - until now. Architects and Designers can benefit from 3D Showcases by allowing potential & current clients to immerse themselves into past & current projects.

Incorporating 3D Showcases into an initial project plan will create a reference point for an Architect or Designer at the project's inception.  Completing 3D Showcases at certain phases of the project will further aid the Architect or Designer in having an accurate portrayal of his or her work. By producing a before, during, & after 3D Showcase of the remodeled space, the Architect or Designer can use these 3D Showcases in both an assessment of progress & a marketing tool, thus creating a double benefit.


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computer-aided design

Commercial 3D files will be converted into a select number of formats that can be manipulated by modern design platforms such as 3DS, Revit, AutoDesk, AutoCAD, SketchFab, & more. 




computer-aided design

Commercial clients will receive their CAD files in a reasonable time-frame.  The process is dependent on both advanced software & developer interaction, thus creating a slight, but predictable delay in data.  

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