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What is a 3D showcase?

A 3D showcase is created from a highly specialized camera and infra-red scanning system. A 3D showcase is the result of a system that combines a string of infra-red lenses with a string of standard lenses that then overlay the captured images on top of the 3-axis spacial dimensions that were calculated by the infra-red lenses. 


How is a 3D showcase different from a typical panoramic photo or standard video tour?

A panoramic photo depicts a space from one fixed viewpoint and allows you to simply turn left or right. A 3D showcase lets you digitally walk through the space to experience it as if you were there.


How is a 3D Showcase (aka 3D Model) created?

The camera is placed in multiple positions throughout the space. In each position, the camera rotates 360 degrees gathering data from floor to ceiling. A tablet is used to remotely control the camera and to store the scan’s data. Following a completed scan, the data is uploaded to the Cloud for processing. It takes 2-4 hours for the data to be processed into a Showcase/Model which can then be shared online via a web link or embedded into any number of websites.


Is special lighting required?

No, special lighting is not normally required. The camera collects HDR (high dynamic range) data and automatically balances the bright and dim areas of the property. Our team member will activate all available internal and external lighting in order to aid the collection of the scan’s imagery. 


How long does it take to scan a typical home?

A typical 2,000 square foot home can be scanned in about 1.5 hours with a minimum of around 60 Scans.


How large of an area can be scanned?

200 scan points is the maximum number of scans that we are supposed to tell you that can be built into a single 3D Showcase. This is typically 15,000 square feet, but this can vary widely depending on the layout of the property, details within, and furniture. We have created 3D showcases of much larger spaces and welcome new challenges as they present themselves. 


Can we scan outdoors?

The camera is ideally used indoors and does not function well in bright sunlight or in wide open spaces. The system works much better in external spaces such as gardens and patios when there is no direct sunlight (such as at dawn or dusk). External scans can be unpredictable and will be conducted after an on-site review for plausibility.


Which browsers are compatible with the 3D Showcases?

The 3D Showcase uses WebGL, which is the modern standard for 3D content viewed on the web. On laptop and desktop computers, WebGL is supported by the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

On mobile devices, WebGL is supported by Safari for iOS 8 and Chrome for Android. To confirm that your browser supports WebGL, please click here: WebGL test


How do I embed the 3D Showcase into a website?

Embedding a model into a website is very straightforward and is similar to embedding a YouTube video.


Can images be exported from a 3D Showcase?

Our team can capture an unlimited number of images and export them from the 3D virtual showcase.


What is included with Invelop’s 3D Showcase service?

An on-site, on-time full walk-through, area review, and full scan of the selected area(s); post-production review and editing of the 3D virtual showcase; an active link for dissemination or inclusion into the client's website and/or media; and hosting of the 3D Showcase for up to six months


What is the cost for an Invelop 3D Showcase?

Due to the unique nature of internal spaces and scopes of work, each 3D Showcase will be quoted prior to initiation. 6 months of hosting fees are included with every 3D Showcase. Commercial spaces require special attention and a request for proposal will be reviewed prior to bidding. Travel is generally limited to a 40 mile radius from St. Louis, Missouri, Boston Massachusetts, and Seattle Washington. Travel outside of this radius will be included in the estimate, and calculated at an additional 57.5 cents per mile. 


Why is there a hosting fee?

Invelop pays to host each active 3D Showcase online.